Web Development F.A.Q.

This page provides common questions and answers relating to our Web Development.

Web DevelopmentFrequently Asked Questions

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What information do you require

The information we require will very much depend upon the type of web development your business is interested in.

An example of information we commonly receive:

  • Handwritten Notes & Diagrams
  • Company Logo Artwork
  • Company Marketing Files (MSWord, PDFs, Physical Brochures)
  • Products and/or Service Details
  • Contact Details
  • Adress Details/Mapping

More or less information maybe required but don't worry if you do not have some of these items as we maybe able to produce some of this information for you and can provide a quote.

Please contact us if you are interested in our web development services and we can discuss a project with you.

What domain names are included in your packages?

If your business does not already have a domain name, most packages include a free 12 month registration for any available '.co.uk', 'org.uk' domain name, with others T.L.D.'s available at additional cost.

Please contact us if you are interested in any other top level domain registrations.

Can't I use a Free Website provider for my business?

Although we don’t condemn the use of these services, there are some questions that you should definitely get answered before going any further:

  • Have you the time or expertise involved to develop and test your Web site?
  • Make sure free does mean free and you don’t need to pay a premium to unlock essential features?
  • Does your site have to display adverts?
  • Do you have a lo-call rate support line if and when you need technical support?
  • Will the Server technology provide the functionality you require from the site?
  • What is the reliability or uptime of the service and are historical records published?
  • Will the generic template design be too constraining and prevent you from standing out from your competitors?
  • Is the site design S.E.O. optimised. In other words, does it have the best chance of getting a good search engine listing?

If your business is just dipping a tow in the water or you simply want to design your own business Web site and arguably for some other reasons, then these services maybe for you.
However, don’t underestimate the time and work that can be involved in getting a mutli-page web site up and running. If you do want to go down this route, then we are still happy to help by setting up or assisting you with the build as required.

What are the ongoing costs of running the Website?

This will depend on the level of support and/or updates you require. Hosting costs after the initial 12 months also depend on the requirements for your website but start from as little as £80 per annum.

Please contact us or use our contact form for general enquiries.

Can I access statistics about my site visitors?

There are many ways to get very useful statistics from your website. For £25 we can install Google Analytics on your site and even email you with a monthly report.
For more information see Google Analytics.

Will I lose business during the sites development?

If you've already started the marketing of your site (recommended), then we can install a temporary 'Business Card', with an optional display of progress or a countdown to your site going live.
This will enable your customers to contact you in the interim or leave their details, so they can be contacted once everything has been completed.

How do I pay?

We operate on a staged payment basis and would require a 50% deposit prior to commencing work. We provide you with a portal to preview your site and following your approval of the completed work, you will be invoiced for the payment balance. Once your payment is received by us, we can upload your site to our public hosting platform and make the site go live.

If you have any questions about this or any other element of Web development, please contact us.