Bespoke Software Development

If you are looking for bespoke Windows software development then look no further. With a proven track record in design, development, installation and maintenance of bespoke software we are ready to listen to your requirements.

IT Stratus - Bespoke SoftwareWith over 18 years experience developing software for real world business applications, we can design, develop, test, deploy and maintain bespoke software to your requirements. From developing n-tier architecture software controlling equipment in demanding 24-7 industrial environments to simple automation tools for the office, we have the experience to help.
We can meet at your convenience to discuss requirements and are used to dealing with clients at different stages of a project from early concept through to full design specifications.
We will then work with you throughout a project, as it is our job to understand precisely what you want to do, the results you want to achieve and the way you intend on using the software.

Typical development work

  • Standalone custom Windows applications
  • Bespoke custom software suites
  • Database Design and Build
  • Migration and Conversion Utilities
  • Increase lifespan or add value to existing software
  • Plug-ins, Windows Help, Installers
  • Embedded Software
  • Mobile Applications

Find out more about how we work, or book a consultation with one of our developers by calling 01473 219995 today.

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IT Stratus - Application SoftwareMicrosoft Windows Platform. Although we are predominantly geared towards developing on and for the Microsoft platform we have also successfully completed projects using different tools and targeting other platforms. Our work has required us to use a wide variety of both hardware and software to both interface with and use in completing development projects. We've also worked across a range of industries from Aerospace to Energy Metering and have enjoyed the challenge of developing bespoke software with the often diverse requirements this can bring

IT Stratus - Application Software SupportSoftware Support. Having been involved in the development, we are then well positioned to offer on-going software support as required on either and ad-hoc or contract basis.
We do sometimes get asked to support bespoke third party software too, although this does require consultation before we can commit to offering a service.
Finally, we are well versed in many common and some not so common “off the shelf” packages, which enables us to offer you both support and advice in getting many tasks accomplished.