Business I.T. Support

This page provides an overview of the I.T. support we can offer. We are always keen to take on challenges and learn about new technology, so please ask if something you require is not listed and we will let you know if we can help.

We have two main types of business I.T. support to suit different business models and requirements. These are 'Adhoc' and 'Contract'.

Adhoc Support

IT Stratus - Adhoc SupportPay As You Go. This option is mainly designed for clients that only engage our I.T. support services periodically, have a small number of computers and that do not require guaranteed response times, pro-active maintenance and some of the other advantages to be gained from our support contracts. We know our rates are very competitive and we can provide either a remote or on-site engineer to your premises according to what the situation dictates.

Information NoticeNOTE: At first glance this option may appear to be the cheapest, however it only provides a reactive (fire-fighting) approach to your I.T. problems. An overall familiarisation with your systems are not easily gained and if you have more than 10-15 incidents a year, your business is likely to benefit both financially and operationally from contract based support.

Contract Support

IT Stratus - Support ContractsContract. A more pro-active approach to I.T. support can be gained from having one of our support contracts and can also help to spread costs over a financial year.

We present three support packages on this site namely Basic, Standard and Premium. These form the basis for each plan and can then be tailored to suite your companies size and complexity.

As it can often take some time to both familiarise and get any problem systems into shape, our contracts have a minimum 12 month term.

Information NoticeNOTE: Unlike many contracts, if your business has a large percentage of systems over 3 years old and/or specialist hardware then these can often be catered for. Please ask for further details.