I.T. Consultancy

We offer a professional and impartial consultancy service for business customers looking to invest in their I.T. systems and services.

I.T. ConsultancyConsultancy Many of our clients come from a diverse range of industries and therefore often benefit from our services in different ways. Whichever way they benefit, much of what we do will often start out with some level of consultancy and in some cases we insist upon this before providing a service to you. For instance, our managed I.T. contracts would be far less effective if we did not first familiarise ourselves with your business and its existing I.T. infrastructure. In fact, we include a free technology audit to all new customers that sign up to one of our support contracts. With your permission, this work may also involve liaising with your staff to better understand the ways your systems tick and how, if any they may be improved.

Current Projects. At other levels, we can offer our I.T. expertise on a wide range of topics to help your business with current projects or to even help secure new ones. Often, exactly how we can help will depend on the nature of your business and the degree to which you would like us to get involved.

Infrastructure. Upgrading or expanding your companies I.T. infrastructure can often mean significant capital expenditure but even selecting the wrong lower cost equipment can end up costing your business unnecessary money. This is why it makes sense to consult with an independent specialist that can offer impartial advice and make sure the right decisions are made from the start.

Advantages. One of the advantages of being independent means, we do not have to be constrained by the products and technologies we select in delivering our solutions to you. We find this is sometimes just as well, as it does not necessarily follow that the big "well known" names in the industry automatically have the best or most cost effective solutions to offer. We also find the main concern of our clients is often not in the detail of the product we specify but more in how well it solves the problem they came to us with in the first place. What they and you can be sure of, is that we will draw from our wealth of both I.T. and real world business experience in any of our offerings to you.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of consultancy work we can get involved in:

  • Define Software, Hardware and/or Network Requirements
  • Act as a technical consultant on behalf of clients during a tendering process
  • Plan resources and timescales for I.T. projects
  • Security reviews and recommendations
  • Problem analysis and recommendations
  • I.T. Systems development
  • Pre and/or post precurement technical services