Data Backup Soltuions

Keep putting off that backup for your laptop or desktop computers? Have a mixed environment of Mac’s, PC’s and Servers in your office and concerned they are not being protected?

Portable Hard DrivesData Backups. Too many businesses ignore data backups until it’s either too late or after they discover their current systems are ineffective. The problem often stem’s from the mentality “it won’t happen to me” or “I’ve never done a backup and haven’t had a problem”. Two statements which may both be partially true, however this ideology can have grave consequences for your business and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

What's that quote? “There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have experienced catastrophic hard drive failure and those who will experience catastrophic hard drive failure.” The truth is, it’s all too easy to be complacent and think it won’t happen to me.

Okay, so what can you do about it?

RAID DrivesSolutions? Well there is a vast array of hardware and software available today to enable a manual, partial or fully automated backup process. Which you choose depends on a number of factors but key amongst those is probably budget, existing infrastructure, security and the level of functionality you require? At the most basic level you might simply use a secondary portable hard drive and some software to duplicate your workstations or laptop files. Alternatively, you may already own a File Server that stores your business data and just require replication or off-site backups to be setup?

Whatever your situation a backup system can only be overlooked at your peril. It does not have to be expensive and as with many systems, we always try to apply the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). The greater complexity, the more chance there is of failure. Unfortunately, just because there are a vast array of solutions, not all of them are good or necessarily suitable for your application.

We can analyse your organisations backup requirements and install a system that is reliable and as least intrusive as possible. In addition, you should always have at least one off-site backup to cover you in the event of a problem at your premises i.e. a Break in, Flood, Fire, etc. There are various ways in which this can be achieved and this together with the other factors already mentioned, will be discussed with you.