I.P.CCTV Solutions

Looking to add an additional layer of protection to your business and/or premises? Want to be notified by email or SMS if you have visitors when you are not expecting them?

I.P. CCTV SignageI.P. Cameras. With I.P. CCTV the intelligence has moved from the DVR(Digital Video Recorder) to the Camera. A huge range of cameras are available from numerous manufacturers and many have a vast array of features. They can be installed either internally or externally in a full weather proof housing and can provide images both day or night with the help of infrared illumination. As the adoption of smart Phones and Tablets continues to increase, these can act as ideal devices for receiving notifications and for being able to review recorded or live footage from your surveillance systems.

I.P. CCTV CamerasSmart Phones/Tablets Most systems provide a low total cost of ownership but can be expanded on, by easily adding additional I.P. cameras to your network as your business grows. In fact, it’s now entirely possible to replace the work of multiple old analogue cameras with one PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) Megapixel I.P Camera. It’s often possible to use your existing network infrastructure, depending on the bandwidth available. Alternatively for bigger installations or where network traffic dictates, a parallel dedicated network can be setup alongside to provide all the bandwidth you need.

Privacy is an important issue to consider regardless of how you will be recording images whether part or full-time, motion activated and with or without audio. It is one of the first areas that must be addressed when you are thinking about installing a system. We can make sure you are compliant and help to setup a system that will meet your requirements.

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