I.T.Hardware & Software Solutions

Looking for professional, honest, non-biased technical advise or procurement for your I.T. Hardware and/or Software requirements? Have you been tasked with kitting out an office or perhaps just trying to replace your tired Printer or Laptop? Look no further, just one call is all it takes to benefit from our years of experience procuring I.T. equipment.

Computer WorkstationsHardware Choosing the right hardware can often be quite difficult, particularly to untrained eyes. As with so many things in life today we are often faced with too much choice, which of course has it's plus sides but can also lead to expensive mistakes.

Wouldn't it be better if you could make the right decision first time round, in time saving alone not to mention the money saved on only buying your kit once? Despite being independent our experience enables us to know what hardware works well and what doesn't. This has led us to forge partnerships with the Manufacturers and Suppliers we trust to deliver equipment that works well and that is well supported on the rare occasions when something does go wrong (which does inevitably happen).

Software Jewel CaseSoftware Commercial or Open Source? As software development is in our veins, we like to think this gives us the edge whether we are purchasing, evaluating or deploying 3rd party software solutions. We have the experience of knowing how software works from the inside out rather than just looking from the outside in. We continue to be both amazed and disapointed, almost in equal measure by the constantly developing world of software and the technologies it helps to create. Fortunately there is a lot of mature, stable and powerful software available, some of which is well known and others that are hidden gems. Whatever the reason your looking for new or upgraded software, we can help to locate the right solution for you as well as being able to offer deployment and ongoing support.

Finally, if you've lost control of your licensing or simply need to know what software is deployed where and/or at which sites we can help by doing a full I.T. Technology audit, that will provide you with the detail you need to get back in control.

Computer ServerWindows, Linux, Apple, Chrome O.S.? We use a wide range of products and technologies in our own offices and have experience with various different platforms, each with it's own set of 'Pros' and 'Cons'. We like to think that we take each on it's own merits and after listening to your requirements or getting to know your business, will recommend and deploy the best equipment for the task in hand. It has to be said that in our day-to-day dealings with businesses, we often see the wrong kit used for the task in hand or on the flip side of the coin, the right kit but used in the wrong way!

If you think this might be you or you simply want some help choosing the right technologies or I.T. strategy for your business then why not give us a call today?