Networking Solutions

Broadband speed or connectivity problems, overpaying for services you don't use? Creating or expanding your existing local network? Need to boost the range of an existing wireless network? Are you concerned about security? We have networking solutions that can help.

QuotationThe government wants 100% access to fast broadband services and 90% access to superfast services by 2015. (Source - BBC News - © 2012 BBC)

Broadband ADSL RouterxDSL Broadband. Although there are never any guarantees, it has been announced that Suffolk will be one of the first counties to kick-off the UK Government backed project (worth over £40 million in Suffolk alone)for Superfast Broadband to become a reality for up to 90% of the people in Suffolk, by 2015. Not only this but the statements also suggests that the remaining 10%, should at least have a significant increase and improved reliability. Fingers crossed.

If you are experiencing any problems with Broadband or for that matter, any other Internet or network connectivity issue, or simply want to make the most of the services you already have, then why not get in touch? We can visit you at your site to diagnose faults and make recommendations and/or fix any networking issues you have.

Network Layer3 SwitchLAN (Local Area Network). Most businesses have some kind of LAN whether it be Wired, Wireless or in many cases both but is everything running as it should be? Does everyone have access to all the network resources they need and not have access to those resources they shouldn't? Unlike other networks your LAN is your under your control, so if something is not how it should be or you experience problems then you at least have the power to do something about it?

If you need help with a small office LAN to a multi-site network then we maybe able to help, no job is too small and rarely too big so why not call today?

Network Patch LeadsVPN (Virtual Private Network). As the Wide Area Network and associated infrastructure continue to improve, so to does the applications and services that rely on them. In fact, the increase in UK remote working can in large be attributed to some of these advances and many workers now rely upon these services to provide a virtual office at home or abroad. Whether you have remote workers on-the-road, at home or other remote locations, having a business VPN setup is just one way to provide secure remote access to your business network.

If you would like to find our more about this and other ways of providing secure remote access to your business, then please give us a call.

Wifi ZoneWireless Network. There is no doubt that Wireless networks can be very useful and since the wider adoption of broadband, they have become a standard part of most business and home networks. Unfortunately the story does not always end here, as their deployment can sometimes be less than optimal.

Two of the most common issues are the increased security risk of exposing your business network to the airwaves and the other that many businesses face is network coverage problems. The good news is that there are now solutions that can help with these and other issues associated with Wireless Networks. What's not so good, are how many businesses do not realise they have a security risk.

Fortunately help is at hand as whenever we are asked to carry out an on-site Technology audit, problems like these will automatically be picked up and highlighted, so that you can take action where necessary. The same applies whenever you purchase and/or require us to install and setup your network. Therefore, the next time you have I.T. Network problems, why not give us a call, we will be glad to help?

Secure HotspotSecure Hot Spots. Do you ever get asked for Internet access by your visitors i.e. Customers, Sales Rep's, Etc? Wouldn't it be great if you could give them access, while being safe in the knowledge that your business network is isolated from this potential security risk. Maybe you run a Hotel or B&B and want to force users to logon with a username and password to get Internet access and provide this on a scheduled basis?

So, if any of these scenarios describe you or you would simply like to find out more about possible solutions and other ways that we maybe able to help, then please get in touch.

Internet FilterInternet Filtering. Although all but the smallest businesses should really have an Acceptable Internet Usage policy so everyone understands the rules, it is sometimes necessary to enforce your policies. Internet filtering, has the added advantage of protecting both your network and business systems from potentially malicous code, spyware and other unwanted software that can unwittingly be downloaded from some websites. Not only this but with enforcement, your staff will also get to know when and what is acceptable just in case they get carried away, which with so much rich content on the Internet can sometimes be all too easy.