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Our I.T. Solutions

This page is an overview of just some of the I.T. Solutions we can offer.

IT Stratus - Solutions

Here at IT Stratus, we always strive to provide the best I.T. solutions for your business requirements and budget. The aim of the following pages under this section are simply to highlight some of the I.T. Solutions we get involved in. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list and if you are considering whether to use our services, then we strongly recommend you talk to us to find out more. We are always ready to take on new challenges and are pleased to hear from old and new clients alike with both standard and bespoke requirements. If we don’t think we can help then we will tell you, although fortunately this doesn’t tend to happen too often.

We say ‘Our Solutions’ in a loose sense of the word, as although many similarities can often be drawn between two or more businesses, no two are completely the same. For this reason alone and much like our I.T. contracts, we will often tailor a Solution to fit your requirements. If however your business needs are simple and can be me by an “Off the shelf” product or solution then we are here to help to. We offer an I.T. procurement service, which can optionally include the on-site installation and setup of your new equipment. We aim to be competitive and can even take and correctly dispose of your old equipment and boxes for a small fee.

As is the case with so many things today we are often overwhelmed with choice and with the ever increasing advancements in technology, it is unfortunately all too easy to make the wrong procurement decisions. It can also be a minefield when trying to compare similar products and we see far too often where the wrong parameters have been used when making purchase decisions. For instance it’s very easy to choose one printer or laptop based on budget alone, particularly when to an untrained eye all the devices look very similar. There is always a reason behind this and if we all had the luxury of disposable money then this would of course not be of much concern. However, if we are relying on these devices for our business and no doubt for a few years to come, then making the right decisions first time round must rate high on the shopping list.