I.T. Support

Business I.T. Support

If you have reached here, then you are hopefully seeking some kind of technical business I.T. support?

IT Stratus - Support

I.T. Support (Adhoc)Pay as You Go Business I.T. Support

If your business does not currently have an I.T. contract with us but has an I.T. problem that requires either On-site or Remote assistance then this is the service you require.
Not all problems can be resolved remotely but if they can, we have put together some pre-pay discount packages to help save your business money.

PAYG Support

I.T. Support (Contract)Professional Managed Contract Business I.T. Support

If you would like to save your business money and spread the cost of your I.T. expenditure over the year, then we can tailor a contract to your specific needs.

Contract Support

I.T. Support (Out of Hours)24-7 local business I.T. support for Restaurants, Hotels, Industrial Plants or other businesses operating around the clock.

If your business continues to operate outside typical UK office hours or you simply want to keep disruption of your employees to a minimum , then we can help.

Out of Hours